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This product is designed for businesses with multiple locations within a given metro area or in multiple cities.


Want a seamless connection between your different locations at Ethernet LAN speeds?


Your network is probably a 10/100BaseT or maybe even a 1000BaseT giga and you do all you can to keep it fast and reliable. 


With all that speed why settle for last century's

Wide Area Network (WAN) solutions? 


How fast is your point to point or fame relay Network or your Virtual Private Network (VPN)? 


And how much do you pay a month?


Any of the antiquated solutions mentioned above will limit your WAN speed to 1.544 Mbps on a T-1 unless you opt for the terribly expensive T-3. 


On your best day your WAN is 1/10 the speed of your network and it only gets worse!




The cause of the problem is the last mile, local loop, eliminate it! Use Data Wave’s wireless connectivity to link your sites together at LAN speeds. We can provide the full solution or just the local loops for your third party WAN provider.


-         Can be used for back up links. Most outages occur due to local loop issues.


-         Save on the costs of multiple WAN links and CPE equipment.

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