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About Data Wave

Introduction to Data Wave

Data Wave's business is wireless connectivity. For multi-dwelling units (MDU'S), multi-tenant properties (MTU's), marinas, and commercial businesses, Data Wave provides the complete data connectivity solution. Our wireless broadband solutions meet the requirements of today's bandwidth intensive applications such as webcasting, videoconferencing and streaming, interactive training, content delivery, and remote backup and storage. It's also ideal for HD media and file transfers. Data Wave can deliver the bandwidth you need, anywhere you want it, anytime you need it. Plus, it's scalable. If you have a one-time, three-day event, and you need to scale up from 3 Mbps to 33Mbps, we can make it happen. After the event, you're back to your scheduled rate and bandwidth!.

State-of-the-art wireless technology now provides faster, more secure and more affordable high speed internet access than ever before available. With Data Wave's Solutions, you'll save thousands of dollars a year on your IT costs. And, you'll have some very happy end-users.

Your complete data communications Solution... Data Wave, Inc.

 Products & Services Available from Data Wave

High-Speed Internet Access

Did you know that your office building now offers high speed access to the internet at a fraction of the cost of traditional DSL, Cable or wire line T-1 connections?

Wireless, high-speed, point-to-point or
point-to-multipoint data connections

Data Wave's innovative and efficient high-speed connection allows for data to be sent effortlessly to one or numerous locations, depending on the needs of your business.

Customer Applications

Data Wave's Wireless Connectivity Solutions for Business include wireless broadband and network solutions for Scalable High-speed Internet Access:

Customer Applications can include:

  • Streaming Media
  • Digital Video or Audio Pipeline
  • Video Conferencing
  • Data Pipeline
  • Webcasting
  • Interactive Training
  • Content Management

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Our Vision

Data Wave is leading the wireless broadband marketplace in bridging the last mile. Data Wave is now delivering wireless broadband to multi-unit and multi-tenant facilities. From 1 to 100 Mbps, Data Wave gives you the choice at a reasonable and manageable price point.

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Our Team

After a year at the helm of Data Wave, CEO LaRue Boyce sees a strong future in the Marina Broadband sector and is building the network for worldwide delivery of wireless broadband.

With an extensive background in engineering, Data Wave's Scott Smith is experienced and proficient in networking, wireless internet and circuitry.

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Our Business Plan

Data Wave offers several key services based upon our unique wireless broadband connectivity - a technology called spread spectrum modulation.

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The Wireless Future

As technology moves toward a more complete wireless solution, business will capitalize on the savings and ROI that wireless broadband offers IT departments, buisiness owners, partners and investors. And don't forget the savings and benefits to your customers and clients. Explore your opportunity to become a Solutions Partner with Data Wave.

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