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What is Wireless Broadband?
How Does It Work?
What are the Advantages of Wireless Broadband?
How Will My Company Benefit?
What is the Implementation Process and Timeline?
How Does Data Wave Address Network Security?
How Much Faster is Wireless Broadband?

How Will My Company Benefit?

Data Wave's Wireless Broadband Solutions for High-Speed Communications of Media and Data are the most efficient and effective choice for serious business use. Without the need for digging trenches and laying miles of wire or fiber, Data Wave's high-speed connectivity can be installed quickly and effortlessly, while providing the exact speed and bandwidth a customer needs.

With security, reliability, speed and economy, Data Wave is the best choice for serious broadband power.Additionally, the potential to add freedom of access at any time from anywhere within your office facility or corporate campus adds up to a measurable savings to your bottom line, and adds significantly to your ROI.

For MDU and MTU owners or managers, including Hotels, Marinas, Condominiums, Lofts, Office Complexes, Business Suites, Convention and Trade Centers, Malls and similar applications, we offer an added benefit of commissions or discount pricing with minimum participation on fees to unit or complex, client or customer. (Call 1-800-444-5083 or email sales@datawaveinc.biz for more information).

All of this adds up to a winning solution for your team, and an opportunity to institute an economic, scalable and flexible path to upgrading your communications systems.

And, your IT expenses will no longer include miles of copper in the ceilings and crevices of your building complex.

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