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Data Wave offers consulting services in addition to its wireless packages and designs.


Our combined experiences and knowledge base allows us to act as a single source for your networking, communications, engineering and product management needs.


Data Wave will evaluate, document and if appropriate, make recommendations on your company’s current communications infrastructure plus engineer and project manage any changes.  


 Our Skill Sets Encompass:
  • Point to Point 

  • Point to Multi-Point

  • Frame Relay

  • ATM

  • Internet Access

  • Wireless

  • x.25

  • Structured Cabling

  • E-mail Dispatch

  • VPN

  • Satellite Comm

  • Dial up Connections (including high end RAS, ISDN, DDR, etc.)

Contact us for your “what if” issues

Data Communications


Data Wave will consultant, design, and manage any type of data communications. Whether it is a WAN, MAN, or LAN, we will design the project, manage the installation, document the network and train your IT shop. 




Data Wave has a long history through its people in telecommunications. We are able to consulate and manage projects not only in your existing offices but integrate new offices and telecommuters into your network. From planning local access for voice to how many handsets are needed and where, we welcome the challenge.


  • Phone Systems (key, hybrid, PBX)

  • Local Dial Tone (trunk & line side)

  • Long Distance (switched, dedicated, least cost,        routing, enhanced 800#)

  • Tie Lines, FX, OPX 

  • VoIP Applications


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