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Data Wave, Inc.

Data Wave is a Florida-based corporation providing wireless connectivity through wireless broadband solutions to multi-dwelling units (MDU'S), multi-tenant properties (MTU's), marinas, and commercial businesses.

Data Wave is providing wireless connectivity in Miami, Fl. Lauderdale and Boca Raton, and in the South Florida areas up to and including West Palm Beach. Jacksonville, Fl has expanded it's wireless broadband availability to the beaches in addition to the greater Jacksonville area.


 People in the News

Jacksonville - Jan 16, 2003 - Congratulations to our new Authorized Agents in Jacksonville. First to sign with the WAVE as Authorized Agent for the Jacksonville area was EBBY’S COMMUNICATIONS, INC., represented by John Eberhardt and Todd Moses Logsdon. Also joining DATA WAVE as Authorized Agents for this market are:

TOUCH POINT, INC., represented by Lisa B. Harper, CEO, with offices in Jacksonville, Orlando, and Miami

TRI TECH COMPUTER, represented by Terry Hanson, President, Carey Hanson, VP, and Mike Hanson, VP

ACES OF JACKSONVILLE, Represented by Jesse Pina, President

IT SOLUTIONS, represented by Tommy Malone, President

VISUAL SOLUTIONS, INC., represented by Melissa Hong, President.

Teamwork | Quality | Excellence

Chief Executive Officer

LaRue Boyce, Founder and Chief Executive Officer is a skilled negotiator, and a number one sales team leader, with strong technical knowledge and experience in computer science and telecommunications. He was educated at the University of Richmond, VA, and received his J.D. from John Marshall Law School.

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Director of Network Design and Operations

Scott Smith, Lead Engineer and Project Manager, demonstrates the proficiency and dedication to success inherent to the Data Wave philosophy. He brings with him an impressive background of education and skills to facilitate implementation.

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