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How Does Data Wave Address Network Security?
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How Does Data Wave Provide Wireless Security?

Our concept of wireless communications entails great concern over network security. The following is information regarding security and technical data as to the Data Wave:

Sophisticated Routers

Data Wave utilizes IP masquerading technology in its routers and gateways. Priority routing equipment is exclusively used with built-in IPSec software to provide excellent overall network security.

Strong Firewalls

In addition to IP masquerading, Data Wave employs Enterprise-level firewalls. Data Wave’s firewall allows for the flexibility needed for most business applications. Each client, however, needs to provide for their own firewall within their own network.

Data Wave's network backbone

Data Wave’s network backbone is a wireless WAN that utilizes direct sequence spread spectrum products. These products are based on the IEEE 802.11a specification, and have improved upon the 802.11a spec. by adding:


Wire Equivalency Privacy is a 128-bit encryption scheme, which while it cannot prevent interception of the RF signal, does prevent interpretation of the data through strong RSC hardware encryption. As an illustration, a single computer attempting to break the key through a brute-force attack would require over 4 billion years to determine the pass phrase.


Site Identification Names must be known by all wireless LAN products attempting to connect to the Data Wave. Without the SSID, a non-Data Wave adapter could see the network, but would be unable to become a node on the network.

Access Point Control

In the event that a wireless networking product was able to connect to the Data Wave backbone, Data Wave maintains admin control over the association table at the MAC layer, preventing unwanted wireless devices from connecting from the network.

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