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Data Wave provides wireless broadband internet service to multi-dwelling units (MDU'S), multi-tenant properties (MTU's), marinas, and commercial businesses.

State-of-the-art wireless technology provides faster, more secure and more affordable high speed internet access than ever before available. You'll save thousands of dollars a year on your IT costs. And with today's bandwidth intensive applications such as webcasting, videoconferencing and streaming, interactive training, content delivery and remote backup- storage, Data Wave can deliver the bandwidth you need.

 Here are some of the benefits...
Marina Owners and Managers
Marina Boaters and Guests
  • Attracts boaters and marina guests
  • Increases dockages
  • Provides additional revenue stream
  • Gives competitive advantage over other marinas

  • Extremely affordable and easy to use
  • Lightning fast, always-on connection
  • Internet accessible from anywhere on the boat or throughout the marina
  • Instant access to Marine Industry content, maps, weather and fishing reports, etc.

Data Wave offers a solution specifically geared towards the needs of the marina and its boaters. Unlike typical Internet solutions, we can deliver high-speed Internet access to all of your customers at one time via a single antenna mounted on or near your dock.

Our state-of-the-art technology sends a signal out so that boaters and guests of the marina can simply access the Internet from any computer or wireless handheld device... without any wires attached. It's the simplest and most affordable solution available today.

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Data Wave brings a high-speed Internet access connection into the marina office. We then run a cable from the Internet access connection to a small access point, an antenna mounted somewhere on or near the dock. That's it! It's a quick and easy installation with no messy wires running along the dock.

How it works

The Data Wave access point transmits a signal (much like a cordless phone) throughout the marina. This signal can be received by any authorized boater or marina guest that has a computer or internet enabled device. Once the signal is received, the end user is connected to the Internet, giving them the ability to move freely about the marina... without wires.

In Conclusion

Data Wave offers a solution that is not only faster and easier to use, but more affordable than any other dial-up or high-speed Internet access alternative.

Data Wave gives your marina the ability to offer a state-of-the-art new service, while providing you with an additional revenue stream.

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