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A Marina's Case Scenario

XYZ Marina is a 75 slip marina located in Florida. The marina offers most of the basic services and amenities. It has a lodge, restaurant and a pool on site.

Not only is this marina looking to add new services that will increase traffic, but they are also realizing the technological needs of their more sophisticated clientele.

On e discovery is that more and more boaters rely on the Internet to access information, keep up with business, communicate via email or make purchases and conduct financial transactions online. Although boaters can currently access the Internet with a telephone line located at each slip, the dial-up method of accessing the Internet is no longer sufficient.

As more boaters require Internet access, the marina experiences a shortage of phone lines available for use, or order additional lines, increasing costs and creating additional wiring along the docks.

XYZ Marina is seeking an alternative solution.

The Data Wave Solution

Understanding the needs of the marine industry, Data Wave offers the perfect solution.

For XYZ Marina, Data Wave installed a 24" omni antenna access point at a position that provides complete coverage for all marina facilities, dock and anchorage areas. All marina customers now have access to high-speed internet services, accessed wirelessly from their boats, restaurant, the pool, or any other location within the marina site.

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