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MDU Broadband is a service offered by Data Wave that provides high-speed internet access to multi-dwelling units (MDU'S) such as apartments, condominiums and hotels nationwide.

This is a wireless broadband solution that is actually faster, more reliable, more secure and more affordable than any other high speed Internet access solution on the market today (i.e. DSL, cable, frame relay, satellite or T1).

Are you earning a profit each time your tenant signs up for Internet access?

MDU Broadband allows your company to earn up to 40% of the monthly recurring revenue on all Internet services purchased by your tenants. This can equal thousands of dollars in profit a year.

Best of all, there are no installation fees and no monthly costs to your company, so there's nothing to lose.

 Here are some of the benefits...
Property Management
  • Additional revenue stream
  • Technology attracts new tenants
  • No installation or monthly recurring charges
  • All billing and technical support provided
  • Free Internet access and unlimited emails for the management office
  • Free web site design and hosting for the property

  • Less expensive than other High-speed Internet solutions
  • Faster than dialup, DSL, cable or satellite
  • Unlimited, always-on Internet access
  • Simultaneous phone/fax and Internet
  • 128-bit encryption for maximum security
  • Network reliability and redundancy
  • No hardware or software required
  • Free technical support 24 hours a day

Data Wave installs a small 8" - 24" antenna on the roof of the MDU. A cable is then run from the antenna to the phone closet(s) in the building. In each phone closet, a small phone/data box is mounted to the wall and connected to the RJ-66 block from the telco. Finally, an existing phone jack in each resident's unit is replaced with a special phone/data splitter faceplate that will contain both a telephone and Ethernet jack. That's it... no messy installations and no additional wiring is required.

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