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Alliance Partners

Young Design, Inc.

Young Design, Inc. (YDI), is a leading world supplier of high-speed license-free wireless data communication systems and offers some of the most technically advanced wireless data communication equipment available. YDI has built its reputation on 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz extended range solutions. If you are looking for outdoor wireless data solutions, YDI will provide you with state-of-the-art equipment. Years of experience in wireless data makes YDI an industry leader in providing license-free wireless Internet equipment. It has a complete line of radios, Wireless LAN devices, amplifiers, cables and antennas. Its series of bi-directional 2.4 GHz amplifiers is considered by many to be the industry standard for license-free wireless data amplification. YDI currently manufactures and supplies equipment to thousands of Wireless ISPs and businesses worldwide. www.ydi.com



Data Wave is a distributor for QLynk Communications' etherSPLITtm product line.

etherSPLITtm employs a patent-pending system that splits 10BaseT Ethernet and POTS (plain old telephone service) over four wires (straight or twisted pair). This system is unique in contrast to DSL-like solutions that multiplex voice and data over two wires. The vast majority of existing business parks, apartments, and hotels have at least four wires running to end units (which allowed at the time for two telephone lines).

etherSPLITtm leverages all four wires in existing structures to deliver 10BaseT (10 Mbps) Ethernet as well as one traditional POTS line. The splitter system is enclosed in a simple wall-plate unit on the user end that includes an RJ45 jack for Ethernet, and an RJ11 jack for telephone. This unit, which replaces an existing telephone jack plate, is connected through the building's existing copper wire to an etherSPLITtm hub (or an etherSPLITtm interface unit that connects to any standard 10BaseT hub.) The etherSPLITtm hub and interface units also have jacks for connection to the telephone company demark for telephone service. etherSPLITtm connections from the wall plate to the interface unit can run over 250-300 feet which is ideal for most MDU installations.

Contact our sales department to find out if the etherSPLIT solution is right for you.

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