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Data Wave Announces Expansion into Jacksonville
Wireless Broadband Market

ORLANDO, FL (January 16, 2003) Florida-based Data Wave today announces the availability of business-class wireless broadband and unveils plans to launch an Interactive Nesting Network within the Jacksonville market.

DATA WAVE (www.datawaveinc.biz) announces the signing of six Jacksonville area firms as Authorized Agents in launching a wireless broadband network in the Jacksonville area. First to sign with the WAVE as Authorized Agent for the Jacksonville area was EBBY’S COMMUNICATIONS, INC., represented by John Eberhardt and Todd Moses Logsdon.

Also joining DATA WAVE as Authorized Agents for this market are: TOUCH POINT, INC., represented by Lisa B. Harper, CEO, with offices in Jacksonville, Orlando, and Miami; TRI TECH COMPUTER, represented by Terry Hanson, President, Carey Hanson, VP, and Mike Hanson, VP; ACES OF JACKSONVILLE, Represented by Jesse Pina, President; IT SOLUTIONS, represented by Tommy Malone, President; and, VISUAL SOLUTIONS, INC., represented by Melissa Hong, President.

DATA WAVE is a business-class wireless broadband and Internet service provider operating primarily in the 802.11a wireless spectrum. Businesses are connected to the Internet backbone via a secure wireless signal. DATA WAVE’s technology delivers a wireless data pipe (1-100Mbps) without incurring the typical overhead of a Telco’s equipment, service area limitations, and additional service charges. Moreover, bandwidth delivery is customized on the basis of customer needs and applications.

Unlike other wireless solutions that are targeting individual consumers, DATA WAVE’s solution is built for business. While other providers are trying to, in effect, ‘put a man on the moon’, DATA WAVE is quietly building the rocket by focusing on business-class wireless delivery.

Data Wave  is evangelizing wireless network delivery through a strategy called the Interactive Nesting Network (INN) with Data Wave’s aim is to be the WalMart of wireless broadband providers. Interactive Nesting Network (INN) creates redundant point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connectivity, with the result of enabling fast, reliable and secure connectivity for real-time media and data applications.

DATA WAVE, which is building wireless networks from Miami to Palm Beach, along the Space Coast, and in Orlando, surged into Jacksonville after several weeks of preparation, and offers businesses access to high-speed, secure bandwidth. Their bandwidth well exceeds the capacity of both the wired solutions and most wireless solutions, which largely provide for a maximum throughput of 1.5 Mbps. In fact, wired and wireless access often equates to 128K bandwidth on the upside, and 512K on the downside, which is tolerable for the web surfer, but insufficient for a broad range of business applications.

With DATA WAVE’s signal, the customer receives full bandwidth up and down. And, it’s not on a shared connection, which often hampers service to DSL and cable customers. When you order 3, 10 or 70 Mbps from DATA WAVE, that’s what you’ll get. And, a company currently using a T-1 or better is going to see their bill nearly cut in half - and that’s with a potential doubling or tripling of access speed.

Wireless broadband connectivity by its basic design creates a network and the network can be one location. Interactive Nesting comes into play when the same backbone operator links different operating locations. The design of networks linking customers to the same backbone is not unique. Current examples include AOL, UUNet and MSN. Building the INN with wireless broadband, however, effectively takes the local exchange carrier out of the connection.

Without the typical Telco connectivity, broadband usage changes dramatically. A customer using the Telco can only get a T-1 (1.544 Mbps), or any part of a DS3 (45 Mbps), but has to pay the price for connectivity. With wireless connectivity, a business can purchase broadband access scalable from 1-100 Mbps at considerable cost savings.

The INN springs to life when multiple wireless broadband users can interact with other Internet users at considerably faster speeds. Consequently, the INN can be designed and deployed for Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s), Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multi-Point networks. Business will manage applications and transactions anywhere and anytime in real-time. DATA WAVE will build the infrastructure that can enable corporations to meet their information delivery needs and to protect their substantial knowledge-based investments. That’s the wave of the future and Data Wave's vision.

Applications for high-speed, high-bandwidth Internet access include medical and scientific imaging, engineering, collaborative design, visualization, security and surveillance, data and file transfer, real-time business applications, multimedia, interactive training, data warehousing, streaming, VoIP, and video conferencing.

DATA WAVE’s delivery platform is available to hotels and convention centers, corporate campuses, high-rise and multi-tenant office buildings, office and research parks, educational campuses, multi-location businesses, apartment and condominium complexes, lofts and high-rises, entertainment complexes, and marinas.

Data Wave Sells Telecom Unit to South Florida Firm

December 5, 2002 - Data Wave, Inc., a wireless broadband solutions provider based in Florida announces the sale of its telecom business unit November 25, 2002, to a South Florida firm. Chief Executive Officer LaRue Boyce steered the agreement to a successful close.

According to Boyce, "The telecom sales unit was divested in order to focus the company on its primary business and to meet the demands of delivering scalable wireless broadband to its rapidly expanding commercial client base."

Data Wave, which provides wireless broadband internet and data services to multi-dwelling units, multi-tenant properties, marinas, and commercial businesses, is gaining in the South Florida region and along the Florida Space Coast. And we're planning to expand into the Dallas - Ft. Worth and San Diego markets.

Data Wave is poised to become the first national wireless broadband provider within the next twelve months with opportunities on the table to add global clients and partners.

Data Wave's advanced wireless technologies provide faster, more secure and more affordable high speed internet access than previously available through wired alternatives. Data Wave uses both 802.11a and 802.11b connectivity solutions for its customer applications.

With speeds up to 100 Mbps, Data Wave's wireless broadband solutions support today's bandwidth hungry applications such as webcasting, video conferencing, streaming media, interactive training, content delivery, enterprise data, voice over IP and remote backup and storage.

For additional information, or to request a media kit, call us at 1-(800)-444-5083 or eMail  info@datawaveinc.biz. Thank you for your interest.






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