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Scott  Smith, Director of Network Design and Operations

Scott Smith joined the ranks of Data Wave with credentials in all aspects of networking, telecommunications, security, and wireless on both the software and hardware levels. His experience in the military sectors includes satellite interfacing, communications, and research design. With an additional business and commercial background in various aspects of design, installation, management, troubleshooting, networking of multiple stations and programs, he brings an extensive range of skills, experience and engineering problem solving to Data Wave. 

Scott Smith's strong foundation is in all aspects of the latest in wireless technology and advanced understanding of the importance of security.

Knowledge Skills Abilities

SATCOM and LOS Wireless, Cisco (CCCI)
TCP/IP, SPX/IPX, NetBEUI, 802.11a/b, WAN, LAN,
Apple Talk, ATM, Cisco and Motorola routers, 
CSU/DSU, analog, and digital modems
Frame Relay, Voice Over Frame Relay (VoFR), 
Wireless, Voice over IP (VoIP), IPX, SNA
VPN, Internet, Intranet, E-commerce, QoS
Advanced Portal Strategies, MPLS ISDN, BRI, PRI
SONET, MAN, Optical Fiber, XDSL
Video Conferencing, Telemedicine
Computer Telephone Integration (CTI), 
routing protocols, MD-1324,  SLM-8650, 
DAMA satellite modems


Solaris System Administration II, Sun, Virginia Beach, VA 2000
Solaris System Administration I, Sun, Hampton, VA 2000
Motorola Vanguard Basic Course, Motorola, Mansfield, MS 1998
Cisco Router Configuration, CCCI, Annapolis, MD 1997

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