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Wireless Packages

Have a project you are considering for a wireless internet or data application but you want a turn key solution?


Data Wave has several turn key solutions which are all customized to the project, applications, goals, customer involvement and topology. 

 Here Are Some of the Benefits
  • Rapid download of information

  • Video streaming

  • E-mail

  • On line support

  • Real time video

  • Internet Access

  • Research

  • IM services

A few of our most popular packages are:


            Planned Neighborhoods


Data Wave will design and project manage the installation of a neighborhood wide internet services network. The monthly access fees can be included in the association fees. From delivery of high speed bandwidth to the home to turning the neighborhood pool into a Wi-Fi hot spot, we can help you realize your dream.




Multi-Tenet Units or Multi-Dwelling Units are designed for hotels, condominiums, apartments and office buildings. We offer different solutions, some of which avoid the cost and necessity of rewiring the entire building. If the unit is located in area where DSL or cable is not available, now a high speed internet solution is.

This solution adds another revenue stream or feature to your property and Data Wave can manage it for you or turn it over to the property management team.


            City Metro


This product is for small to mid size cities and allows them to take advantage of the latest technology with out breaking the budget. Data Wave can link your emergency services and other departments together with real time video as they go about their business day. Most cities today use text messaging on their computers, radio and images stored on a video camera in the car. How you can have all the above plus real time links to HQ and an on going log of the events. What happened in the disputed traffic stop, is there need to send another unit to the fire or disturbance? One of the most dramatic uses is in a disturbance that grows rapidly. Support units arriving from different areas see the situation in real time and can decide on a position and level of response before arriving. 

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